Session Date: 12-May-21 (Wednesday)

Material Required

A4 sheet/ Drawing book, Colors – pastels/pencils or sketch pens, Word List, Dictionary

Pre Session

Create a set of papers with unfamiliar words from the story – Mahout, Dussehra, Procession, Howdah, Regal. Ask around if children know the meaning and if not use dictionary. Idea if to get children ready to hear these words and trigger any prior information about it.


Read the story and ask questions related to recollection, prediction and/or reasoning. Some examples follow

  1. Page 6  – Who was Sundari? How was Vikram related to her? What did he want to become?
  2. Page 14 – What is the issue in the story?
  3. Page 20 – What do you think the Queen told Sundari in her ear?

Post Session

Activity 1: End of the session, I asked them what was the similarity between this and the earlier story we had read (Who will be Ningthou?). Children just said here the girl became the lead mahout and in that story the girl became the queen. I was expecting more frankly. Asked them to create a drawing of ‘A pair of —–‘, there choice of person, thing or place.

Activity 2: Another activity children can try is to make a revised Book cover to depict the story.


The session went smoothly with no tech glitch. Children got back with their versions of a pair of twin drawings.