Look at the above picture of a child’s home library and name one thing missing.

The above picture is the photo of my child’s home library when she was 3.5years old (2017) and I felt that none of the books shared anything about being Indian or showcased anything about our life and living. That led me to this ongoing quest of finding books that fill that gap. I also realized that

  1. it is very easy to get excellent Global books for children in bookshops and online
  2. it is not that easy to get Indian books for children anywhere
  3. Even if I try sometimes the books are quite underwhelming and since I didn’t have any reference source and I myself have not read any of these, I hesitated to buy.

That led me to conclusion that maybe if parents and children had access to these books through a library, they can read them, test and of course if they want their own copy then they can buy them.

That’s how the idea of WordyWoods-Children’s Library came into picture.

Primarily to provide the first level access, visibility to the books that are of Indians, by Indians and for Indian children. This of course doesn’t mean we do not have Global representation but then that is not the ONLY representation.

Do share a picture of your child’s Home Library and how the representation is balanced across Global and Indian representation.