Session Date: 18-Aug-21 (Wednesday)

Material Required

A4 sheet/ Drawing book, Colors – pastels/pencils or sketch pens, Word List, Dictionary

Pre Session

Do a small discussion around the word ‘Miracle’ and what the children think will happen in the story. How do ‘Miracles’ happen?


Read the story and ask questions related to recollection, prediction and/or reasoning. Some examples follow

  1. Page 2 – How do you think Zara is looking? Why do you think she is gloomy or sad?
  2. Page 7 – Do you notice anything different about the way the illustrations are done? Look at the grass and what do you see?
  3. Page 12  – What you think about the idea of growing a garden instead of just a flower? What all will we need to grow a garden?
  4. Page 16 – Again notice the illustration style. Collage, texture, recycle.
  5. Page 23 – What does the dad’s gesture make Zara feel?
  6. Pages 3, 24 – Compare the pictures and share your observations.

Post Session

At the end, ask children to share what they think was the ‘Miracle’ and how did it happen? Some extended activities

  1. Make a collage garden using colored papers, textures and other supplies.
  2. Reuse material to create a model garden