Session Date: 17-Aug-21 (Tuesday)

Material required

Word List, A4 sheet, Colors – pastels/pencils or sketch pens


  1. Break the name in 4 sections, give each section to 1 child. If more than 4 children then give each child 1 part of the name. or
  2. Write the 4 sections of names in A4 sheet and read it together once. Instruct the children to join you in reading out the name during the story time.
  3. Discuss about names, small names, big names, the biggest names they know or have heard
  4. What do you think is better and why? To have big name or to have a small name?


Read the story and prompt children to say the name whenever it comes in the story. Ask questions related to

  1. Prediction – what do you think will happen next?
  2. Reasoning – why do you think the names are short now?

Post Session

  1. Ask children what they liked about the story. One child said he liked the well, the other said he liked the old man as he came to help someone’s child.
  2. Ask children about their favorite scene and draw it.
  3. Fold A4 sheet in 8 sections, draw the story sequence till the time Chang fell in the well. If they remember more they can draw more.
  4. Fold A4 sheet in 4 sections, in each section draw a character – Chang, Changs Brother, their Mother, The old man with the ladder – this worked well for 5 to 7 yr old
  5. Fold A4 sheet in 4 sections, in each section draw a scene – Well, House, Cliff