Session Date: 5-May-21 (Wednesday)

Pre Session

Activate previous knowledge – About book – Front page, Back page, Title, Author, Illustrator, Blurb, Spine
Opening question: How do you things kings and queens were chosen?

Make some Flash cards containing words from the book. Ask children to read and share the meaning.

During Session

1.What happens next? (Predicting)

2.Why was the girl chosen as the queen? (Reasoning) One of the children observed ‘Ningthou’ means King so how can a girl be selected to be a King?

Post Session

Asked all to give 1 Royal word each. Played 2 rounds, at the end of which there were at least 10 words collected. Asked all to create their own story using all those words and use only the 3 colors (red, black, white) that are used in the book to make related scene.