WordyWoods is an initiative to bring close as many native Indian stories as possible to todays children. We strongly feel a need to tell the stories near home so children can experience that which is remote and far yet true to this land and its spirit. These stories are beautifully written and richly illustrated by exemplary story weavers. So, drop by to experience the richness of Indian story tapestry across the mountains, rivers, forests and fields. Books are available in multiple languages encouraging kids to listen, read and speak multitude of Indian languages.


We anticipated that you might have a few questions. Here you go. If you have more questions do write to us.

What is WordyWoods?

WordyWoods is creative and literary outlet for my interest in children stories and dream of having my own home library. This is a step towards exploring the vast gamut of Indian Children?s stories and going on wordy and playful adventures with the kid souls around me. 🙂

The inspiration and reason for WordyWoods is my daughter. As a parent of a growing kid, I am keen that she is equally aware of Indian stories as other world stories. I wish her to have sensitivity towards Indian stories and a keen ear for beautiful words and languages.

Why only Indian stories, authors and publishers?

WordyWoods is as much a lover of non-Indian stories as Indian stories. But seeing that access to well-stocked and well-curated Indian stories is limited made us take this, not yet explored, route and be one of the few ambassadors of Indian stories.

Why Read Aloud?

Read Aloud is one of the most endearing ways to inculcate love of stories in children. While listening to a story, whether done simply as a bedtime task or in a more dramatic manner, a child undergoes a range of emotions. The child is driven to ask questions and experience the wonder that pictures and words bring.

What is minimum and maximum size of Read Aloud group?

It’s about 5-10. We’d like to keep it short and sweet.

What if a child misses the session?

Well, it hurts when a child misses a story read aloud session. However, since this is a monthly subscription we cannot have a carry over or refunds.

Is there a plan to conduct online sessions?

How ever much we’d like to keep it in person, we understand that we’d need to look at the online option in the near future. For now, we’d love to keep it in person and engaging with the child.

Will you give something to eat and drink in that 1 hour?

Yes, ofcourse. If the child is hungry and if it helps them focus on the story, we will not say no. However, please do feed your child before sending for the session :).