Issue 01 | May 2021 - Aug 2021

About Library

WordyWoods Children’s Library has been working in Concorde Napa Valley since Jun 2018. This is my personal initiative and an ongoing project with the goal of providing a continuous ACCESS to rich literature (Indian and Global) for children in the age group of 0yrs – 15yrs. It is also important that children ENGAGE with the literature in fun and meaningful manner and hence our programs and initiatives are aimed to build readers who are also thinkers, creators and writers.


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Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are. – Mason Cooley

In this Issue

Welcome to the first edition of the LibraryVoices, brought to you by WordyWoods Children’s Library. This is an attempt to share our love of reading, discovering inspiring books and understanding self and the world around us. You will find the whys and hows of our Library work and the voices of our readers.

#1 Why WordyWoods-Children’s Library?

Look at the above picture of a child’s home library and name one thing missing.

The above picture is the photo of my child’s home library when she was 3.5years old (2017) and I felt that none of the books shared anything about being Indian or showcased anything about our life and living. That led me to this ongoing quest of finding books that fill that gap. Read on++

Online Book Reading Program

We conduct weekly online Book Reading program with children to experience stories and interpretations. The focus is to have fun while reading books and as an incentive strengthen language reading, writing, speaking, thinking and understanding capability.

Latest Books in our Collection


Collection building is one of my favorite activities and I try to find inspiration to explore books across multiple themes, interests and genres.

  1. This quarter I was inspired by a little toddler for whom I had to have some cloth books to touch, feel, scrunch and play about with.
  2. Next was a query from my ‘not so little’ daughter on why in all stories kingdoms are ruled by kings? So, I went on a spree to get stories that tell the other narrative also – that even queens rule kingdoms.
  3. We also keep our collection up to date with adding children books shortlisted for Literary Awards like Neev Book Awards and Parag Honor Lists.

As you can see from the above list, children needs and their reading interest hugely informs what we add to our collection. So go ahead and share what your children want to see in the library collection.

Contribute to LibraryVoices

We invite parents and children to share original content, feedback, comments, suggestions and ask any question related to books, reading, library service and experience.

 Reading Hall of Fame

200 Books Club

Aaradhya (5.9mths) – 202 books read

100 Books Club

Sreenidhi (12yrs) – 165 books read

50 Books Club

Shaurya (8.9yrs) – 66 books read

Viraaj (4.11yrs) – 66 books read

Anika (9yrs) – 50 books read